Take a few minutes to browse through some of the sheds that we have to offer. Remember that all of our buildings have the same "Quality Unsurpassed Construction". Once you have found the style of shed that you like then you can go to our Shed Sizes & Prices page and pick out the size that suits your needs. When you know what size you are looking for then see our Options Page and design the shed the way you wish. Add windows, a garage door, ventilation, or whatever else makes your shed fit your unique needs. Do not forget all of our sheds come standard with your choice of roof color and the standard wood door. You may also check out our Custom Sheds page and our Shed Galleries page to see pictures and more information on completely custom sheds. If you still can not find what you are looking for then give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our experts so we can design and build exactly what suits your needs. Remember Shed World has the largest display of Sheds in all of Southern California. Visit our 9 acre superstore and you will see why Shed World has been Southern California's leading custom shed builder since 1979.




  Our "Standard Storage Series" consist of the Peak, Barn, and Shed Roof styles. These roof styles are the perfect fit for those looking for a simple but Quality storage shed. Our standard series sheds work great for general storage, hay & tack, potting sheds, workshops, guard shacks, ticket booths, portable offices, and anything else you can think of! They fit in attractively with any setting. If you live in the city add a few windows and paint the shed to match your house. If you live in a rural setting go with the natural wood look and add a bit of country to your yard. No matter where you live or what your use, surely one of these attractive sheds can dress up your home or business and suit whatever your storage needs. Click here for the standard storage series sizing and pricing.

(Price is the same for any of these three styles)



Shed Roof


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  The Tall Series is for those seeking more cubic feet of storage space per square foot of shed. These buildings are almost identical to our standard peak and barn styles, but with the end walls raised up to a full 8 feet! This additional space works well for those looking to store big items, building tall shelving, or anyone in need or more overhead space.

(Price is the same for any of these two styles)


Tall Peak

Tall Barn


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  The Loft Barn is in a class all its own. It puts a twist on the basic barn look and comes included with a 4 foot loft. This building is a perfect fit for those looking to keep the country look but are in the need of the extra space the loft provides.

Loft Barn

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  The Ranch Series consists of the Livery, Western Porch, and the Ponderosa Porch. This series was designed to create a solution for the many customers who are looking to take care of their storage needs while adding a little character to their home or business in the process. If you are looking for a unique and stylish shed, the Ranch Series is your best bet. Each style within the Ranch Series has it own individual pricing schedule.


Western Porch

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Ponderosa Porch
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  If you are looking for the biggest shed on the market the Super Shed is just that. Our Super Sheds come in many different sizes, but the most noteworthy is the 20'x20' because it is the largest shed that we have to offer. In fact the 20'x20' is the largest shed allowed by the California Building Code. Anything larger than 400 square feet has to be attached to a permanent concrete foundation (for buildings in excess of 400 square feet please see our full line of Detached Garages).

  Our Super Sheds were originally designed to hold vehicles, boats, tractors, and any other heavy duty, large objects. Although we still see that many of the Super Sheds are used for just that, we also see many of our customers find the Super Sheds the ultimate hobby room, craft room, game room, etc. Remember that the Super Shed, like all of our sheds, can be designed exactly how you wish. Let us build you one with just a 36" door with no large entrance or let us open it up with one of our large steel garage doors. Whatever your use, we can design it to fit your needs! The Super Shed has all the same great construction features of our standard sheds with a few key upgrades. See our Super Shed page for more information.
Super Sheds


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  Shed World is proud to announce it has three new styles of buildings available. Unfortunately standard pricing is not yet online but please contact Shed World in person, via email, or by telephone to request a quote. Click here to request an online quote.

Tall Peak Porch


For more information and pricing on our Greenhouses click here.
Tall Cottage
Rustic Buildings
For more information and pricing on our Rusic Buildings click here.
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All buildings are shown with optional features. "Quality Unsurpassed" construction and the single wood door come standard.


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